Genius ideas for Parkinson's?!


I have been reading a few posts on here tonight.  It's now almost one o'clock in the morning and find myself absorbed, looking for insights and any feedback that will make my mum's life happier and easier.  I just read the below two genious ideas....duh!  Neither of them had occurred to me but mum was facing these very two problems this evening.  I then thought, wouldn't it be a great idea if we created a Wish List of great solutions for people with Parkinsons....things you might not know......

Does anyone have anything else to add to the list?

1)  Put a plastic bag on the car seat to help you get in and out more easily

2)  Wear silk pyjamas to help you slide into bed more easily, rather than shuffle






  Hello Londoner  yes I have a couple, 3  dont wear silk pyjamas with silk sheets or you will find yourself at the end of the street alreet,  4 I have installed hand rails on my short route to the loo from my bedroom, I still retain strength in my arms even when my legs wont work its saved me a few times 5  I have learned how to use my head as a counterbalance cancelling out unwanted limb shut down by moving my head in a way that assists in changing direction, this took some time to get the hang of by the way, and use voice regognition on my lap top, this is usefull when very slow.

                               Kind Regards  FED





bamboo socks!



bed lever


Thank you.  Just for do bamboo socks help?  And what kind of bed lever?  Electric bed or rail or bed, you mean? Thanks


bamboo socks are easy to put on because bamboo is silkier than silk. cotten socks can be very difficult. obviously shoes without laces are useful too.


The rail fits on the bed under mattress gives you a rail to pull yourself up or helps you turn over in bed ! no electrics


good one is ..........electric toothbrush & shaver


The trouble with the satin pyjama bottoms is just sitting on top of the bed because husband is in the front room watching football and I keep sliding down the bed


All the best



Conductive Education sessions will help you cope with all these problems that occur regularly.


So far my meds solve nearly all problems.  But I have just thought that I now  automatically steady a soup spoon with the tip of my tongue   under it as above a certain height my hand will jerk and panic slurping will result - not a good look.  


google have invented a spoon tha keeps itself steady


This is in the news - the Parkinsons anti-shake spoon