Get informed

There are lots of sources of information about Parkinson’s. This website is a great one.

Researching the condition can be scary at first - but in the long run, it can help you manage your life with Parkinson’s better.

Tony says: "I read what I can about Parkinson's, such as how to make the most of medical appointments."

What’s your best way to #getinformed?

Why such a small response?

Keep informed?

When I was first diagnosed in 1995, my neurologist told me not to go home and read every article I could find about Parkinson's. He said that it would frighten me to death.

I read about things that I can control - to make me feel better eg diet, exercise, etc.

I never read/find out about about the progression of Parkinson's

Sorry, I wrote the last post, thought better of it but couldn't work out how to delete it, I can usually get rid of them without trying! I'll go back to drafting them then thinking about it before putting them on the forum. Apologies for the negativity, please feel free to erase it. J

When I was diagnosed the consultant was surprised  when I asked if he had any information leaflets. but give him credit, he id get some. He did however suggest this site! 

I had already  been using the site as my husband had found it, the information and friendship is an invaluable support mechanism.  

Thank youconfused

Hi Jackson,

We can delete the post if you still feel the same way, but there's no need. None of these taking control posts are aimed at suggesting that you won't have a bad day, negative feelings or sometimes feel like you're very much not in control. And of course, not everyone will be ready at every stage to get themselves informed. What is important is that you're aware of the choices that you do have when you're ready and that you're aware of the information and support that is available. 

I hope this all helps at some point. 


Hi Ezinda,

Thank you for your reply, yes please, if you could delete the post I'd be grateful.

Thanks again, J

Hi Jackson

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I have just come across parkinsontv on youtube. It is a very comprehensive programme aimed at PD sufferers. I reccomend it.