Get it on time!

has anyone got a good system for remembering when to take medication?? I forget until i seize up like the tin man in Wizzard of Oz...Help please
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If you have a mobile phone, set reminder alarms.

Hope this helps.

If you are taking levodopa medication(Sinemet, Madopar or Stalevo) you have to take this preferably 30 mins before a meal or 1.5 hours after. I find this helpful as I would not forget my meals!So my timings were originally largely arranged around set mealtimes:two 62,5mg Sinemet tablets at 7.30(8.00 breakfast)12.15 (12.45 lunch) and 17.30 (18.00 dinner)and when this was insufficient I added an extra one tablet in between mealtimes: 10.00, 15.00 and 20.15hrs. I find that I do not need an alarm yet,but do occasionally forget the 20.15 tablet, when out. So try and fit the drugs as much as possible into your own routine. Instead you could use a multi alarm watch.
My husband finds that the 'mytinyreminder' vibrating alarm is brilliant for the odd times when medication may be forgotten.
You can wear the alarm tucked away in the wristband which is provided, so that when out and about it is very discrete and cannot be heard. When around the house, if the alarm, which is very small is placed on a surface in a cup or glass the vibrating sound can be heard even when in a different room and there is background noise too.
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I got my husband a pill box with digital timer as he takes his meds every 2 hours and needs reminding.
Just google it. There are lots and his cost just over £3 with delivery.
Good luck!