Get it on Time

It is pleasing to see that the PDS has decided to make a training DVD for staff to remind them of the needs of PwP to 'Get it on time'. The requirement for self medication is better known nowadays but still ignored in many wards.
Your extra section of the 'Parkinson' magazine just received is encouraging and mentions many efforts by individual branches to improve publicity.
I just write to ask why the work of the Preston Branch as long ago as 2007 in producing just such a DVD has been ignored. It was a collaboration with students at University of Central Lancashire and has been used as a training aid in the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since July 2007. It is also in use at the University as part of nurse training. It seems a shame that this initiative has not been adopted more widely. Copies were made available to all who asked and several were sent to various departments and Trustees of the Society.
Dear Chewy

I personally thank you for all your hard work.