Get well soon!

I don’t get annoyed easily.
There is something that is guaranteed though to get me angry.
People who say " Get well soon" or the like, when they know I have Parkinson’s.
I can forgive it the first time but please have the decency not to repeat it every time you see me.
Now I often say " I won’t be getting better. I have a degenerative brain disease and I am going to get gradually worse."
I’d rather they ignored or avoided me like most others have since they found out about the Parkinson’s.

I haven’t had that from anyone but can see it would be very annoying! Most of my friends are older and already know other people with PD so that probably means they know more about it which helps, though I do get a bit of “so-and-so can do that and they have Parkinson’s so why can’t you”…

I’m sometimes really unfair to people though. If they look terribly concerned and ask me how I am then I think “just treat me normally - I don’t want to talk about my health the whole time” but if they don’t ask then I think “so you don’t care that I’ve got Parkinson’s then!”.

The best ones are, Michael J Fox has had it for twenty odd years and he’s alright!! I wonder if he has to wait 6 months to see his consultant!,

I’m sure some people think its catching!!!
" You don’t look like you have Parkinson’s " is another favourite.

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My pet hate when I bump into people (well not literally) they say to me “don’t you look well” so how are we supposed to look?? haggered, forlorn, untidy, emaciated?? what for goodness sake!! They can’t see inside how we actually feel about ourselves, what we think, how we cope, and all the rest that goes with having PD!.

Gritting my teeth comes to mind - Sheffy:tired_face::tired_face:

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Yes I get that one too.
They can’t see that your legs feel like you’re dragging two sacks of concrete around,you need a pee every 30 minutes and your throats feels like the Sahara desert.

Also the ones who say" I get that too".

No you don’t.