Getting a Second Opinion

My mums previously controlled symptoms have got alot worse, medications changed etc to no real effect. I've told her consultant (in scotland) that I want to get a second opinion from a specialist in London. Can anyone suggest where to start looking? I've guessed one of the London Teaching Hospitals but even knowing which one would help a lot.
Hi Arranhare,
You could try looking for someone on Dr Foster Health:

You can refine your search by your condition, speciality, postcode/distance.

Hope it helps,
Hi !
After a bad experience with my local Neurologist I went back through my GP to get a second opinion from the Neurologists specialising in Parkinsons at NHNN Queens Square, London part of UCL.
The new guy is :-
but usually I see one of his team. I have been very impressed by their professional and caring approach.

My local consultant being a neurologist had an overview of all sorts of neurological disorders whilst at NHNN they are focussed on Parkinsons / dystonia and so are far more specialised and numerous

Thank you - both very helpful!