Getting back into bed

I have difficulty getting back into bed after my first sleep episode. This is usually 2 hours after going to bed.

I have tried the rope ladder and satin sheets also plastic bags. All in all mechanical aids do not give universal solution.

Any one have similar issues? Any ideas would be really welcome.

Thanks for reading. :)
Hi Have you got a bed grab rail . My husband would be lost without his . We have tried the satin sheets I have even sewn a piece of satin across the middle of the bed , this stops the feet slipping but to no avail . Haven't tried the rope yet .
I advise you to get a grab rail it helps getting into and out of bed .

Have you been in touch with social services for an assessment . That's who gave us the grab rail . They are long term loan .. Worth a try otherwise you end up spending money on some things that don't work for you . Speaking from experience lol....
Thanks for the reply.

Can you explain / describe a bed with a grab rail.

doylipops you could try looking at this site .

A bed grab rail is a metal rail which is attached to a board . This slide between the mattress and base , it is held tightly with straps .
My h has a grab rail , it is all metal and has a very long side which slides between the mattress and the bed and then the short side sticks up to make a little grab rail sticking up next to yor shoulder for you to help yourself in and out of bed. We got it from the occ therapist and it was free sunray
i also have a grab rail,well i call it a monkey pole,mine is a metal pole and fits under the bed and goes up above u with a hand grab rail on it,to hold on to pull ur self up,i got mine from the occupational health people,also have aelectric bed ,which helps so much ,like a hospital bed moves ,helps back legs the lot.these things help me .hope it can help you to ,good luck x:smile:
I have asked about an automatic bed but was told they were not available . I have been thinking of buying one . Do you find it helpful

My husband cannot raise hinself of the pillow or turn over . This means I am also awake on and off . I sleep with one eye opened .

It was sods law when the OT visited he had a rare exceptionally good day .

He also gets breathing problems I believe from the Parkinsons he sleeps with his mouth dropped open . He also has Atrial Fibrillation . This only came about at the same time as Parkinsons was diagnosed .

I search for anything that will help him / us , after all the consultants doctors OTs dont live with us do they .

I know they can't work miracles But I keep trying lol
i have carers that come in to me,to help wash ,food etc,cus i by me self,but even if he has urself,your intitled to it if u wish .or you could have a houst for the bed to help turn him ,my dad had one of those,but takes too people to use it with a man in it,cus of the weight.all i can say is keep tryin ,keep anoyin the gp,and oc health ,get a solicial worker mine has sorted care for me and lot of things.there is things out there its just pushin them ,and then it falls in to place.i wish u luck .x:smile:
I have a wrought iron headboard which I can grab for pulling or pushing, it's great.

I can also sometimes pull myself up by hanging my right foot over the edge of the bed (that's the right-hand edge as I lie on my back staring at the ceiling) and managing to "hook" my heel into the side edge of the mattress. Then pull!
Getting back into bed.

Many thanks to all of you who have posted comments about this. I was going to try to mention each individual and their comments separately. But I discovered how difficult and time-consuming this would be. All I can do is say a sincere thank you to you all.

Having studied the comments, I think that the solution I should pursue is to have a grab rail on the bed. The complication is that I have an electric bed and so modifications and additions to the bed have to be carefully thought out. So I think my first move is to contact the bed manufacturer and ask them if it is possible, how much, when, etc. If as I expect I am told that is not possible to modify my bed, but that they have a superduper new bed on sale which is electric, has grab rails, sings, dances and only costs umpteen thousand pounds AND they will give me 50 pence for my old bed, then I will be tempted to DIY it. I'm no longer fit enough to do the work myself, so by DIY I really mean try to get a friend or relative to do it!!

Of course it is easy to have these brilliant ideas and intentions when you're in a period when you don't feel too bad. But if you are having bad PD symptoms, every little task assumes monumental proportions.

It will take ages I know, but I will try to report back on progress.
Thank you all for your replies . I will do my very best to carry on as long as I can to see to my husbands needs , we have been married 53 yrs .. obviously there will come a time when I might not be as able or well myself . . Fortunately he isn't a big tall man but it isn't easy as you all know .

I have seen so many occasions where things are left to the very last before aids are given and I swore this wouldnt happen to us .

We have lived in the same house for 46 years and hope to stay if weget the help and aids we need .

I am in the process of having our downstairs cloakroom door reversed to give more room and grab rails installed .

Will look forward to hearin if the bed grab rail helps Doylipops
Hello again,

thanks to all who have responded. The answer is....... (you knew all along)!!
It would take ages to go through all the ups and downs, but in the end that was the answer.

Good luck Ali, Johnnie and everyone. Thanks again.


Hi to everyone,

 On the subject of getting into bed.unfortunatly my husband has this problem also. We have an electric bed which raises front and back , also we have silk sheets, but still it does not solve the problem as he feels so weak , he does not have the strength to lift his legs from from the sitting to lowering position. The other problem is he does have to urinate a few times during the night which makes the problem worse. He does not want to wake me as I also have Parkinson's and have my own problems. At the moment I am coping with helping him lift his legs but not sure for how long. When we eventually do get him into bed he then cannot move.

I cannot see how a grab rail can help as he cannot lift his legs through weakness, also he finds it impossible to cover himself with the duvet. During the night he spends time in the chair because of this problem. We are waiting for social services as we have wasted money on trying things, but as they told us there is a very long waiting list, which means we have to  carry on with.this horrible task.

Has anyone ever tried an electric leg lift,  or can anyone recommend anything else

best Wishes Juliet A