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hello my husband has been under the Neurologist , had CT scan , DAT scan , bloods taken , eyes tested (at hospital), ect, the Neurologist wanted the DAT scan to rule out PD, but all his symptons seem to be with PD . he has tremor mainly in his left hand but sometimes both hands , his left arm does not swing when walking , he sometimes has trouble with his speech, he is drooling , trouble swallowing , and started to drag his one foot and limping he cannot walk far any more he gets drained of energy quickly he has started to suffer with restless leg in the evening , he seems to be stopping , his left eye has started to twitch, his hand writing has shrunk , i have noticed his face looks like it is dropping ( the sad face look ) and a few more other things … he has not had MRI due to him being claustrophobic . and now he has recieved a letter today saying DAT scan is normal so PD is unlikely , Where do we go from here ??

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We are sorry to hear your husband has been facing these challenges of late. One of the difficulties with diagnosing Parkinson’s is it shares symptoms in common with multiple other conditions. While it is ultimately up to your medical team to diagnose your specific needs, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. If you need help locating medical care in your area, please reach out to our helpline on 0808 800 0303, and one of our advisors will be happy to provide assistance.
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A couple of suggestions:

A private consultation with a neurologist is about ÂŁ150.
Enquire about neuro physiotherapy. On the NHS your gp may be able to refer you to the physio even without a PD diagnosis.

Good afternoon Simom … From what you say the Neurologist “wanted a Datscan to rule out Parkinson’s disease”. With me my Neurologist wanted a Datscan to confirm my Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. From your comment I assume that your Neurologist thinks it is not Parkinson’s.

A Brain Mri scan is important to rule out other possible causes for your husband’s symptoms.

So “Where do we go from here ?” should be brain scan as I suggest. Talk to your medical advisers about overcoming your husband’s claustrophobic fears.

A normal Datscan does not mean that your husband does not have Parkinson’s, but it is probably the best test. The Datscan confirms that there is the requisite amount of Dopamine in the brain.

Your Neurologist may treat the symptoms with a Parkinson’s drug called Madopar [or other Parkinson’s drugs] to see if it helps.

If he has Parkinson’s the Parkinson’s drugs will help. This is the only way to confirm Parkinson’s accurately.

Best of luck

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hi steve2 i have had mri under sudation and cat scan eyes tested as well. the neurologist says in a letter Parkinson’s is unlikely. clinically there was some atypical features what ever that means ??.my next appointment with them is in 3 months and that’s over the phone

Hello Simom … I also have Atypical Parkinsons.
I take Sinemet [aka Co-careldopa]. 3 x 2 pills a day & I find it helps. Tried two other
Parkinson’s drugs that didn’t.