Getting help

I sent the following e-mail on 26/1/15. To which I have had no reply.


Can you say why?


I've tried to write on the on line forum, but it gives the message below.

I went to my account settings but can't see how to reset to not have this message can you help?

Message I get:

You have disabled personal messaging and are not allowed to write messages. Go to your Account settingsto enable it again.


Michael Carrington (Mike1885)


Hi Mike

You are writing on the online forum. It looks like you've posted a couple of times. So, I think this is working.

The message you are receiving above refers to the ability to send personal messages to other users. You can change it in your settings. There is a tick-box near your photo and personal profile. 

If you you wish to activate personal messages and continue to struggle to find this, please let me know and I can activate it for you. 



I have been diagnosed since January 2013  and at present am on Madopar and Entacapone which, on the whole, seems to be keeping me going. I haven't posted on the site as I never seem to know what to write but thought I would give it a try tonight.  The main reason for my posting is I have noticed an increase in random nerve pains which last for only a second or two and affect various parts of my body.   Today however it happened again but this time seemed to concentrate on the outside of my left ankle.  I have no idea whether or not this has any connection to the Parkinsons or in fact due to something  entirely different. On the whole I am doing ok although still struggling with muscle cramps, slight balance issues, fatigue etc etc.   I try to exercise daily to keep the stiffness at bay but some days this is  just not possible.

Thank you now I understand!