Getting in and out of the bath

My OH has been using an Archimedes bath lift very successfully for some time but recently the fixed seat has become a problem because he can no longer lift his legs and turn himself to put his legs in the bath.  Archimedes do not make a turning seat.  I am guessing that he is not the only person with this difficulty and so you might be interested in our solution.

I`ve bought a non-stick oven liner from Lakeland plastics for £9.99.  I cut it roughly to size and now I can easily turn him as necessary.  Just a word of warning, we do have a support rail so he can`t turn so easily he slips off the seat into the bath.

Great idea - not for me (yet) but my mother in law. I'll try it


Hello Hatknitter

I found using the bath became very dangerous and after a bad fall, ripped it out and installed a wet room,not as quick as that mind you and not me personally, but its great  it has a fold up seat and two shower heads I  can recommend it you may get help with the cost of installation look on line or citizens advice will keep you right,

                 Oh and Semele you are very naughty,,just a bit


I`ve found a purpose made swivel bath transfer board from CareCo.  It cost £30 but is absolutely just the job. Definitely cheaper than throwing away the bath lift and installing a wet room.

I hope others will find the info useful.