Getting new notability car

Hi everyone new to forum but old hand with Parkinsons diagnosed nearly 10 years ago and told had it for 10 years prior I am now a stressed out individual who has taken 3 months to decide what will be my next mobility car ,changing needs ,depleted finances etc.well after all considerations went for Toyota C HR hybrid ,would have chosen base model but need automatic with parking sensors bit the bullet and plumped for excel model with £895 down payment .let me tell you have be up most nights all night just double checking and going over things .a problem with my driving license has not helped as it’s out of date being reviewed every 3 years and DVLA making mistake about my condition ,which doctor and consultant have verified.well I’ve made this big decision i Waite for the post everyday I’ve filled out the paperwork at dealers today it’s Friday going on holiday sun and singing order-form sat afternoon .post just come brown envelope I rip it open in a rush to find A Bloody letter from department for work and pensions telling me my disability allowance is ending and being moved to PIP .after the biggest jump around for years I read that my notability is also effective and may have to hand back car .fill sick as a pig not know how this is going to affect me but I know I’m NOT happy and it’s like someone just put the boot in to me .thanks Mark

Hello DADSshed
A warm welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your problems with Motability. Hopefully someone who is more experienced with that issue will get back to you soon as I’m not sure what to suggest (I didn’t qualify when I was diagnosed last year) but, for now, you could contact Age Connects and go through your problems with them. Good luck and best wishes.

Hi @DADSshed,

I understand why you are concerned about this decision, however, I just want to reassure you that your motability car would only be affected if you lost the high rate of the mobility element when you’re reassessed. If you get the highest rate of mobility within PIP then you will not be affected in any way.

My best advice to you, especially in this case, is to get help with completing the form so it is less likely that you’ll have to go to an assessment. You may find it helpful to get help from a family member or friend, but otherwise you would be best getting support to complete the form. This could be from one of our local advisers, the citizens advice or another local advice agency.

If you need further assistance on this, you are more than welcome to contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,

Do be very clear what is required when you apply for PIP. The application process is not the same and the questions they ask are very specific and the parameters for getting an award of PIP are quite different from the ones that applied for DLA. Look into it thoroughly. There is advice online, such as at Age UK. When you have done that, do speak to the Parkinson’s UK helpline and their benefits advisers can help you. I cannot emphasise enough how helpful and knowledgeable they were when we spoke to them, they were simply brilliant.
Good luck with it.

As soon as your accessed in the first visit to pip very unlikely to get what you have been getting.if your not awarded higher rate mobility even if your on your 3rd car and have degenerated and usually picked up a few more problems.,the clock starts ticking and the maximum time allowed to keep car is six can’t go though the system that quick,the mandatory reconciliation slows things down and no one will listen to you until you reach trbunnaral the judge asks you how you feel and puts the first bit of care and consideration into your claim.the depth or pip usually don’t turn up at hearing .i think for feare of judges ,‘’questions.after all medically trained could mean worked in nursing home. When will people realise we are fighting this battle 24/7 .we don’t want.,to make things easy for scammers but better the amazing Parkinsons fighters ,who go into battle every day mark