Can I just encourage everyone to google GH3 and parkinson's. You may be interested. Neenag x


Not convinced...a lot of adverts and this.


GG...I have looked Into it quite a bit. I'm not easily fooled and I hate quackery but I'm Interest enough to try it. It can't harm me so here goes. Neenag

I do wish you luck, Neenag

Keep posting and let us know how you go on.

After the prog on TV showing that placebos can change the level of dopamine the brain produces, even when you know it's a placebo, anything is possible!



GG...I have been taking it for a short time and it that time a fungal nail problem I've had for 6 years has started to clear. .my skin looks fresh and the intense exhaustion I've had for years has begun to lift. I will keep trying it for 6 months and see how it goes. Neenag x
I've been taking GH3 since before my last post. My Inflamation markers in my blood test have e always been extremely high. I'm also borderline anaemic. I could not believe it when the doc said I have NO inflammation at all in my body and I wasn't anaemic. Plus every thing was running smoothly. Also my desperate tiredness has almost vanished to the point I am starting a part time job. I never thought I'd ever work again. I'm so happy xx Neenag

Hi Neennag I’ve been interested in gh3 for a while . How’s the treatment going is there any signs of reversal yet ?
Good luck