Hi still having problems with madapar causing high euphoric state rang Parkinson's helpline and they said I was overdosing at the moment I am only taking 125mg cr in morning and 62.5mg 3 times day together with 2x125mg cr at bedtime I am also taking 4.5mg rivistigimine and 1mg rasigiline due to see my Parkinson nurse in May to see f another kind of meds might work better. Been on madapar for 5yrs diagnosed 11yrs ago anyone else had this problem with meds


I've been dxed 11 years and on sinemet plus for about 7 years. I'm taking 6 sinemet plus (100/25) at intervals during the day, a single sinemet CR (100/25) overnight and occasional dispersible madopar  (50/12.5) during the day as a top up. My 'on-ness' varies during the day but I don't quite experience euphoria. I hope you can find a meds regime that works more smoothly for you. I'd be interested to hear what you come up with