Don't known if anyone else on here has tried this , but i recently brought some ginseng with multivitamins from the health shop down my high street after reading some good reports about it on the internet . After taking the tablets for about a week i noticed a dramatic improvement in my condition , about a 30% improvement , of course i know that it could be a fluke , or mind over matter stuff but i have been feeling much better now for a week or so , to be honest i have never felt so full of energy for years and im only 40 years old ! .The box of vitamins only cost about £5 so nothing to lose really , would anyone else on here like to give it a go and share any results

Hey sparky. I'm going to give this a go and will report back. All good things to you. Starsky


will try anything that seems to help...will let you know



Hi. Got no benefit from this in terms of symptoms but no harm either. Thanks.