Don't known if anyone else on here has tried this , but i recently brought some ginseng with multivitamins from the health shop down my high street after reading some good reports about it on the internet . After taking the tablets for about a week i noticed a dramatic improvement in my condition , about a 30% improvement , of course i know that it could be a fluke , or mind over matter stuff but i have been feeling much better now for a week or so , to be honest i have never felt so full of energy for years and im only 40 years old ! .The box of vitamins only cost about £5 so nothing to lose really , would anyone else on here like to give it a go and share any results
Hey sparky. I'm going to give this a go and will report back. All good things to you. Starsky

will try anything that seems to help...will let you know


Hi. Got no benefit from this in terms of symptoms but no harm either. Thanks.

I’ve just bought some very potent high strength Ginseng. Its an amazing root. I came across it years ago, but had forgotten about it till I read something yesterday. It does not surprise me that Ginseng is effective in treating Parkinson’s. What does stun me, and annoy me, is that it is not considered as first line of action following diagnosis. Yet again in the west, its straight into the heavyweight pharmaceuticals with their plethora of hideous side effects. I’m slowly giving up on prescription drugs. I have come off over a dozen this last year. Opioids, Benzodiazepines, Pregabalin, all sorts of toxic gloop. Replaced the lot with diet, herbs and exercise. Turmeric and Ginseng in particular, and one other but I’m not allowed to mention that because its naughty (but ever so nice). I could almost suspect that the Pharmaceutical industry is more concerned with profit than health, after all where’s the profit in plants anyone can grow or foods anyone can eat? I’ll report back on the Ginseng in a few months time, when it has had time to take full effect.

I’m new to this forum. My consultant put me on Xanax and have been taking 1/2 a 25mg tab 3 times a day for last 6 weeks. I have just reduced to 1/2 2 times a day. As I see you’ve come off a benzo does this sound right to you. Just on sinemet plus 125 at the mo but it has gradually stopped reducing the tremors and it takes ages for the dopamine to kick in even if I take it with a big glass of fresh lemon juice (2 tbsp) with water. I’m told this is an absorption problem. Any advice very welcome. Thankyou