Given up


A while Back I put that my grandad was not taking his medication. Now I have proof on 2 occasions that I have seen him (different times of the day) I have checked his toilet and found his morning and other Parkinson's medication for that day down his roulet. He has admitted to me on occasions that he doesn't want to be alive and has had enough. I make up his medication each week and have questioned him how he takes his medication, if people are watching, if he's been sick and most of the time he says no problems and I take them myself. With the proof (photos) I have I feel like not doing his medication knowing he is not taking them properly and that if he thinks he will die quicker by not taking his medication he is wrong as he symptoms will get worse. I can't have him deny and lie to my face. I don't know what to do. I have taken a full time job as my husband has said my grandad is too reliant in me and seeing him twice a week ATM. With the same problems going on.
Sounds to me Lesley that it may be time you paid a visit to your Grandad's GP and tell him of your worries. Have you tried calling the helpline?

HELPLINE: 0808 800 0303
The social services sent him to his gp 2 weeks ago for a mini mental test which he passed with flying colours but asking his name, age, address and his date of birth isn't a problem it's everything else and his short term memory. He is on anti depressants but can't see him taking them with the evidence I have.
Such a worry for you Lesley, I honestly can't think of anything more that you can do for Grandad except what you are doing and being there for him. I understand why you are tearing your hair out. Wish I had a magic wand but I don't have. Can I ask you to hang in there, someone else might be of more help to you some time later in the day.
My husband has Parkinsons, he also has short term memory problems,the past few weeks things seem to be a lot worse, the problem is he doesn't drink enough liquids, which cannot help, plus he has a catheter because his bladder has been affected by his Parkinsons. I took him to see his GP last week, she said that maybe he had a urinary infection, which sometimes causes confusion as well. She told my husband to make a chart out with every hour printed on it, then he has to drink one beaker of water every hour and put an X on the chart if he has done this. I know she was only trying to be helpful, but I don't know if anyone else has problems to get a Parkinsons sufferer to drink regularly. It is difficult anyhow because of his confusion, he even sometimes pushes my hand away when I try to give him a drink with his pills. I am sorry to admit that I find the confusion and dementia like symptons more difficult to deal with than the physical side of his illness. Does anyone else have these sort of problems?