GJ - Any experiences of using adapted cutlery?


Has anyone got experience of using adapted cutlery.   Having trouble at the moment using conventional cutlery but there is so many different ones to buy and not sure which to go for.   Thanks


Hi Gj, 

We have some suggestions for adapted cutlery over on our shop, you can find them all here 

I know this has been spoken about on the forum before so hopefully other members can make some good recommendations for you. 

Take care




Strangely the other day the Pip assessor employed by atos suggested I buy a length of pipe insulation and cut it too fit the length of cutlery and wrap it around said cutlery handle(and other objects pens ect) as a wider handle adaptation enabling the transportation of pea's and other things that don't play ball whilst trying to eat with a tremor & hands that have a mind of their own.




That's good idea let me know if it works