Glasgow girl

I take 5 sinimet plus,1mg rasagaline, 8mg patch each day and still having bad tremors every 3-4 hrs.Any ideas how to last 4hrs.thanks

Could someone explain to me why it's so important that meds are taken at same time each day? I'm only on madopar at mo. Sometimes I forget to take it out with me and miss a dose! 

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Glasgow girl...our neuro told my husband to find his own timings.

If the drugs wear off after 3 hours, take the next dose about 10 mins before the 3 hours is up.

When you get the timing right and experience no symptoms, try to lower the dose a bit until the symptoms are showing again.

My husband takes his Sinemet every 2 hours and doesn't have off times.

You could discuss the situation with your Parkinsons nurse but the rigid timing regime doesn't work for lots of patients who are often able to find a way that works for each individual.

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Hi Sue

I think its to make sure that the chemica balance akeeps high enough to work. Ihad to b very creful when I was antiseizure meds fo my epilepsy to get timng right, otherwse the balance was out and drscould not wrk ou if medwere working or not. 


Thanks for your advice.

Thanks Porthos,

I think I need to be a bit more organised with taking the meds. Some folk on here are on lots of different meds so I feel a bit daft not managing my own few tablets!! Appreciate your reply.