Glasses at the end of my nose?

Hello. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks (I was diagnosed in February) that my glasses slip down and rest at the end of my nose.

I have two pairs where this happens so I’m assuming it’s not a problem with the glasses so wondering if it’s PD related and my head keeps drooping so my glasses slip down.

Does anyone else have this?

Dear Duneman, I would be surprised if enhanced drooping of your head posture caused this as you’re newly diagnosed. I was diagnosed in 2014 and my posture didn’t really change for the first 3 years. One unusual symptom I did notice was that my nose began becoming very greasy, although I must admit even with this and my current drooped posture my glasses don’t travel south. Perhaps a trip to the opticians would help to check fitting of your two pairs?

good luck

Strange one. I have noticed this recenly as well. I put it down to my “pound shop” glasses though lol. I cant think of it being anything else. Unless my facial tone has changed?