Glasses won't stay up!

This may sound a bit trivial but it's driving us mad! My husband now stoops quite a bit and his glasses keep sliding down his nose. We've been to two opticians and had them adjusted but the problem remains the same. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just the case that we are going to have to get a new pair...

cool               Hello  mygoodnessme

           As you can my raybans do not slide but all attempts by my optimeteriimtretireismstric er opticionistreric oh bloke who does my eyes, have failed if I am doing work of any kind I secure them with tape, this produces odd looks from folks when I forget to remove it, so its annoying but  I will fix it some how.

                                     Kindest Regards FED



            Avery good morning  MY Goodness, I decided to experiment after reading your post, so I removed the 12 all different pad locks from my lab*workshop door punched security codes into the  time locks, and placed my hand on the handprint recognition screen, I like this bit as a very sultry female then asks my date of birth, which is 4/9/50, but I always say  4/9/60 or even 4/9/70, but she will not respond until I give the right one, then "YOU MAY ENTER",sends shivers up my spine,the reason for the slightly exagerrated high level security is I have been broken into, well  not me personally, my workshop has been broken into five times and valuble indeed priceless to me, equipment and models some complete some half completed, including very expensive sailing ships ordered which can make me a very wealthy  ols FED  or could  have made me if some B???%%"<i^!RD  had not nicked them, also what they  could not steal they wrecked,I dont have much luck with this workshop, 2yrs ago  it was destroyed by

fire whe my wife insisted on having her 2day old BECKO tumble dryer caught fire wrecking everything inside anyway that was then, ad now  is now, I THINK I may have a answer to  your enquiry, using toop secret components  ( white blue tack) I rolled squashed and man ip you  lated it, that is a lump of blue tack, to which I added very tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny almost molecule sized drops of red dye, eventually I WAS SATISFIED with the colour, it matched the tone of my skin and I sliced a tiny  tiny tiny tiny, sorry being silily there rolled up pellet from the mix using a surgical  scalpel, this I ROLLED INTO a tiny tiny tiny x20 ball stuck it, that doesnt sound very professional does it, stuck it, no  thatsnot right, I  brought the two components together, yes that sounds better,and it works, I  even  put my  invention through a very very very very,,,,,,,,,,,,yes I  know I  do go on a bit,,,test program,

test1                          Head buttinng a vey heavy oak  desk 10 times,

test 2                          my pal Chris hit me  on he baack of  my head with a cricket bat

test 3                                CANCELLED TESTSSSS CORNPLEEEET sorrry  sllight  concushon, please do                                    not  try this at  home  ennnywae  my dear fiend  Mygood  Ness  it works I trust this has been of some yousse 2U, in your pirsoot of anne  swers.

                                                  KINDES WIZZBANGS, sorry sorry itll  come weight rite right, FED



             Good morning Mygood  Ness, just a slight change,you must use white bluetack not blue white tackand if you dont want your kitchen incinerated I would recommend not investing  in a certain well known white goods manufacturers TUMBLE DRIER, or TUMBLE INCINERATOR would be a more apt description, despite the fact that they  knew their product was a major fire risk they continued selling them, god knows how many serious fires have been caused by these deathtraps, It was two years ago and it was the INCINERATORS first batch of  clothing and it really dried them in fact they were the driest remains I have ever seen, the Fire Brigade were in attendance within 10 mins but it was too late the senior Fire Officer asked me if it was a B,,,O and when I confirmed his enquiry he said he had no fewer than 6 serious incidents involving this companies products, and that was  in 1 month, so if you have  one dont go  out and leave it  drying while you pop to Sainsburys or   you may come home to a very dry home indeed.

                           I hope you have a lovely stress free Sunday,     Fed