Glepark and Mirapexin

I'm a new boy so be gentle with me, please! I have signed up because I have been taking Mirapexin for ten years with great success to control my Restless Legs Syndrome, Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome and hold back the onset of PD. In my case my symptoms started after I was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and had my pituitary gland removed. The old symptoms have very recently returned and other symptoms have started. As it happens my pharmacy have started prescibing me with new formulations of pramipexole. The second replacement is called Glepark and I wondered if anyone else is having problems with this cheaper alternative? Better still can anyone tell me what my position is with asking to go back to Mirapexin?
Hoping someone can help. Thanks,
Generic drugs are very similar, but not identical. So it is possible that you do less well on them. If you have had clearly much better results on a branded drug (Mirapexin) than on the generic form (Glepark), you are within your rights to ask for the original drug. I cannot recall where I read this or it could have been a pharmacist stating this, so cannot give you a reference.
Hi Pav

You have my sympathy. I also take Mirapexin, and Madopar was added recently to alleviate several symptoms which had started to return. I found that combination to be excellent but my last prescription substituted the Madopar for a generic version, which is definitely not working as well as the brand.

I will certainly be asking for the real McCoy when I ring for my next batch!
Thanks for the support. I have been back to see my GP and she has agreed to stipulate that I get Mirapexin, for now, and review the situation. She has ordered some blood tests to check if all is well otherwise. As soon as I started back on Mirapexin my toes started tingling (in a nice way) and I feel better already after four days.
Ironically I saw an Endocrinologist the next day and she proposed a change to a cheaper form of replacement hormone to help my GP practice! I insisted on time to consider my options once the RLS problem is definitely sorted. I think this is the way it is going to be from now on!
Hi Pav,
I, too, have been taking Mirapexin, for about 4 years.
Last year my local NHS practice asked me to try Glepark instead - there's a big cost-saving with generic medication. I reluctantly agreed to give it a try, but quickly found that Glepark ceased to be effective after about 3-4 hours, compared with around 6 hours for Mirapexin. I also didn't feel at all well, and tired easily.
At the end of the trial I asked to return to Mirapexin, and my GP promptly agreed; he could see a physical difference, I think.
It took me about 4 months to recover from this disastrous change in prescription.
Despite the cost, my GP is only too happy to give me the best of attention.
Generics may be worth a try, but be alert to the danger signals.
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I too am convinced that changing me from Mirapexin to Glepack has had a detrimental effect, but no-one is listening. Its reassuring to hear that I am not alone and will now camp out at the GP until I am changed back.

Can I assume that this is a cost issue?
I was given Gleepark in place of Mirapexin and found them to be worse than useless.
They made me ill and did not address the PD symptoms.
My GP replaced the Gleepark with Mirapexin and it took me three weeks to get back on track.
Gleepark are indeed less expensive than Mirapexin.

Hello.My partner had been on Pramipexole and Stalevo for ten years and was doing very well .He was then prescribed Glepark and went downhill rapidly.Nobody would listen until I saw other people's comments on this forum and I found a pharmacist who found another generic (Teva) and after a few months things were back to normal.We now have a new GP and Glepark - and the problems - have reappeared. It is TWO YEARS since the original posts - why has nothing been done ? I fully support the NHS using generics but Glepark is useless but Aspire and Teva are fine.I strongly suspect the Glepark are fake -how do I get someone to listen?

It's more than two years since my original comments about Glepark  Pramipexole. My pharmacist has been very good and usually provides Teva or Aspire , which don't seem to cause problems. However recently he has only been able to source the dreaded Glepark. Apparently there are " production problems ". Does anyone know anything about this and how to get around it . I am even considering trying to buy from abroad but don't know where to start.

I wrote in March that my pharmacist was having problems obtaining Pramipexole 350 microgram.He now cannot get it at all.A telephone round other pharmacies shows that everyone has the same problem.The information leaflet in the pack stresses that this drug must not be stopped abruptly. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any idea as to where to get them?

Hi Bcarer

I am currently having a major problem with Pramipexole 0.35mg, I was short on my last prescription but some how I have managed up until now I now have just enough until 6.30pm Monday. My usual chemist cannot get hold of it saying it's manufacturing problem I have contacted 4 local chemist same response and another chemist a bit further afield and sadly the same .....none. I rung my  PD nurse who thankfully has a cancellation Monday but she cannot understand why I having a problem . Apparently they are usually informed if there's an issue but she cannot find any notification. Like you I realise you cannot just stop taking the medication abruptly and as each day goes by and still no joy Iam getting worried.

I hope tomorrow rings some news and Ikeep my fingers crossed for you too x

Hi I've been posting about Pramipexole and especially the Glepark brand for nearly three years now and still nothing has changed. A couple of months ago we couldn't get any 0.35 Pramipexole of ANY brand and still have to accept Glepark which is obviously of inferior quality and breaks up easily. I cannot believe that both my partner's PD nurse or the PD society do not know about this but they say they don't and do not seem to care. I've just contacted my (very helpful) pharmacist and he says if anything the availability is getting worse.He has even suggested getting another drug prescribed. Has anyone else experienced this recently or is it just the south of England? Has anyone tried a substitute for Pramipexole? -we're getting desperate

Supply of Pramipexole is fine at the moment in Oxfordshire.  Having experienced the Glepark brand I sincerely hope that we dont have to put up with it again.  It took me some time to persuade the pharmacy and my GP that it was not as good, and I still think they changed me back to Mirapexin to shut me up rather than a firm belief that it was inferior.

There is no doubt that Glepark is not as good as other brands so why do we have to put up with it?