Gloucester private consultants recommendations

Hi there my Dad has been offered an NHS appointment for initial diagnosis which unfortunately is months away and we’re keen to try to book him in with a private consultant which has a much shorter wait time. Does anyone have any recommendations for anyone that they may have used or would recommend? My Dad lives in Cheltenham. Many thanks

Hello Sarakate2024 … Why not phone 0808 800 0303 which is the Parkinson’s UK helpline, which is free.

Best of luck & do let us know how you get on.


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Hi Sarahkate2024,

Welcome to our community forum. As Steve2 has demonstrated, it’s a lovely group with loads of helpful wisdom to share. I would second Steve’s suggestion and only point out that the call is free and confidential, and helping people find resources in their area is one of the many services our advisory team provides. Once again, it’s 0808 800 0303.

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Hi, Find out who the movement disorder specialist is in the hospital in Cheltenham and then see if they do private work. It will either be a Neurologist or a Care of the Elderly consultant. you’ll probably be able to tell form the Hospital website if not phone up the neurology/care of the elderly secretaries in the hospital and ask who runs the movment disorder clinic.

Good morning Sarakate2024 … Having got your Dad an appointment with a private Neurologist [specialising in Parkinson’s] your Dad will be tested for signs of Parkinson’s.

I assume your Dad is showing early stage signs of Parkinson’s like a
tremor / shaking?

Your Dad will then be put on medication to treat the symptoms he is showing. It is a trial & error system. He tries one of the dopamine replacement drugs like Madopar, Sinemet etc to see if this improves his symptoms.

Your Dad might be offered a Datscan, probably the most reliable test for Parkinson’s. This measures the dopamine in his brain. I had one showing my dopamine level was low which is a sign of Parkinson’s.

Any questions do ask. We are all on a similar journey here.

Best wishes

Hi Sarakate
So sorry to hear about your dad. I was in the same position myself a few years ago and I saw Dr Mark Silva who practices in Cheltenham. He arranged all my tests and scans etc and things moved very quickly. Having got my diagnosis I then moved back into the NHS system. Dr Silva was enormously helpful, very kind and compassionate. I would recommend him to you very much. His phone number is: 01242692866. Good luck.

There is a neurologist that works at the Winfield Glos, he also works for the NHS, there is usually about a two week wait, initial consultations are around £250.
Im glad he already has an NHS appointment so further tests eg DAT scan the cost will be covered by the NHS. Let the consultant know you already have an NHS appointment.