Glucosamine & Clondroitin

I have been experiencing problems sleeping on either side for more than 2 hours due to aching hips.

One of our group of PWP has recommended taking Glucosamine & Clondroitin 100mg.

Does anyone know or had any experience of these please?





Hi Gooner.

Just read your post about Glucosomine & Chondroitin, my husband takes these for problems and pain in his knee joints, they help build up the cartlidge in the joints and take pain away. Don't know if it helps with hip joints or infact whether they can be taken with parkinson medication. I should run it past your GP first

Regards Sheila

Hi Sheila

Thanks for your reply to my question.

I'm seeing my Doctor next week & will do just that.




You're welcome Colin, hope you gets somewhere with the GP.

I also have pains in my hip joints when I have been lying on either side, I thought it may have been busititus, which I have had before and had to have physio on them couple of years ago. At the time the GP said it was inflamation of the burser sack that protect the joints. The pain is bareable at the moment whereas before it was really painful.

Lets me know how you get on!

Regards Sheila

Hi Sheila

Saw my GP today & he's advised me not to take the G & C due to the cocktail of other drugs I'm already on.

He did examine me thoroughly and said he felt sure the pain I am experiencing is purely Muscular and exercise is the best antidote.

I thank you again for your input.

Kind Regards


omega 3 good for the brain and joints can't go wrong


Hi Colin

Thanks for letting me know how you got on with your GP. It's always best to check with all the meds we take, even though sometimes the GP can be wrong! Know what I mean!

Hi Gus

Thanks for that bit of info about Omega 3, might try some of that, could certainly do with something for my brain!

Keep well  Sheila

it can't do any harm.blueberrys are good as well.gus

Hi Gus 

Just had salmon for dinner. Supposed to be full of Omega 3 good for all joints.

Have blueberries, prunes blackberries & raspberries for breakfast every morning.

Keeps me regular!!


Thanks for the input.


eat well life well .colin well thats what they say