Glutamine supps or lectin-free diet?

Hi all,

Has anybody tried taking glutamine? And if so did it help? I came accross this article:
Apparently glutamine can protect agains PD damage in a mouse model of PD.
I also found this article (, where ingested lectins can cause damage to dopamine cells in the Substantia Nigra (again on mice though). And this one:
Has anybody tried a lectin-free or lectin-lowering diet?
Or maybe a combination of diet + glutamine? It may be that glutamine prevents the gut damage caused by lectins or other toxins that leads to PD (
This is all highly speculative, so sorry if it offends anybody. However I don’t think it would hurt to try. If somebody wishes to experiment on this, please don’t forget to report back.


Hi. Interesting, but I think we have to be cautious about basing a diet on a couple of petri dish based studies. I’ve done a bit of googling and found that glutamine is present in any food that contains protein, from meat to nuts. Lectins are in beans and pulses but are destroyed by cooking.

I would be reluctant to give up eating beans and pulses since they add fibre to my diet and are rich in nutrients, and since I eat foods containing glutamine with almost every meal, I think it unlikely that I’d benefit from a glutamine supplement.