Glutathione IV treatment

A friend in America sent me a you Tube clip of a man with gait and balance symptoms improving substantially after being given intravenous glutathione - apparently it is a free radical that is lost along with dopamine in the substantial nigra. The American doctor who is "pioneering" this treatment is David Perlmutter. I have researched online but obviously Dr P says its great but there's nothing in the UK at all - has anyone any knowledge they can share. My worsening symptoms are gait and balance related and this treatment, especially when my very good Consultant tells me there is nothing more that can be done for me, sounds very tempting.

hi lexi
its actually an anti-oxidant so is the opposite of a free radical.
a good site is
there a lot of scumbags out there so beware.
best wishes

thanks turnip - always getting my free radicals and anti oxidants muddled up!

easily done !!!!

I don't know about intravenous but I've also read some articles about Glutathione and decided it wouldn't do any harm (apart to my purse) to take 250mg daily. It's always difficult to know if you are benefitting but it's a cheerful thought that it might be doing you some good. Will report back.