Going into hospital

Hi all, 

I'm updating our 'Going into hospital' booklet and I'd really like to include some real-life experiences of anyone affected by Parkinson's who has had a stay in hospital. Positive or negative, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for considering! 

Hi Karen,

have just spent two weeks in a hospital, and would be pleased to let you have all the details in private, but not public just yet as I'm still under their care

What I will say publicly now is that the staff were absolutely brilliant.

When I arrived at the accident and emergency dept, they wanted to keep me in as I had a serious but easily treatable problem, if caught and treated fast enough.

I said the only way that I would be admitted was for it to be noted on the admissions form that I could self medicate for PD. I told them about the "get it on time campaign" and they printed it off straight away and put it with my notes.

Things went very well for two weeks.

to be continued