Going on to Sinemet

Anyone "throw a bit of light" on something for me, please??

I picked up (as yer do when it's something that affects you) on a recent post from Hikoi, that a change of medication actually resulted in an improvement to eyesight... [presently on Mirapexin prolonged release + Azilect... but Consultant's notes say 'consider L-dopa in six months]..

But must admit combination of dry eye + early cataract + vivid imagination
really get me down ~ a bit of stiffness and slowness... well, was going to happen with anno domini anyway.. but eyesight precious and any threat to it.. well, bit frightening ... so any offers of "light at the end of the tunnel" (no pun intended!)
be very gratefully received!!

... and lastly, just a 'general' "thank you" ~ everybody, all at various stages, but all so supportive, understanding and encouraging ... what would we do without one another!?


'eyesight' is a complicated thing - there is the eye itself, the retina, the muscles that control and focus the eye - then a dozen or more separate bits of the brain that process the information - recognising faces, telling left from right, recognizing landmarks, judging moving objects. merging right and left to create 3d etc all these processes come together in 'seeing', some are affected by dopamine, some are not.
Dopamine agonists affect some receptors more than others. If the receptors missed out affect one of these processe then levadopa, which seems to affect all receptors equally (though I have my doubts) would have an effect on 'eyesight'. I find it good for driving - eg processing new visual information, spatial modelling (parking).

ps one of the processes that seems to be particularly affected by pd is the second level interpretation of visual data. The first level is the pre-conscious emergency level - eg watchout its a cliff/snake/etc. The second level is the immediate conscious interpretation - no its just a twig/manhole cover. So the first level is not replaced by the second as quickly as it should and for a second or two we think we see snakes etc. later on in pd we see long-lasting hallucinations where the third level of interpretation (imagination,creativity) tries desperately to fill in the gaps left by the second level by using imaginary interpretation of the data.
or at least thats my theory!

Hi Turnip... little while since you and I "spoke"... but, as you have done for me in the past.. an excellent explanation, personal, and non-frightening.. thank you, mate...

PS... to anybody else reading ~ that's what this Forum is all about.. helping, encouraging and, where possible, uplifting one another..(and the same is true of the HelpLine)... so don't sit fretting (altho' I know only too well it's hard to break the cycle).. but come and say; they'll be somebody who will help..



I understand what you mean eg

Snake!!!!!!!!!! (Panic)

Twig .....and relax.

Snake???? On a cliff !!!! One false move... Hold on its just a twig on a manhole cover. Phew!

What concerns me is:

Oh look a twig on a manhole cover.

Stamp! Stamp! Staaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh.......thud!

Bursardavid msy I recommend regulsr eye tests, specs and avoid long periods staring at pc monitor

Hi Leyther
particularly worrying here in australia with its notoriously dangerous manhole covers.


There seems to be a gap in the market here waiting to be exploited.

In the UK a collection of informative books are available that cover the identification of the flora and fauna plus other subjects, eg The Observer book of Garden Birds.

Observer's books of indigenous snakes, twigs and manhole covers would be a great help to you.

Your explanation of the three phases of recognition is very interesting and well explained.