Going out

How do other partners cope with going to pubs and restaurants with their parthers when they have quite severe dyskinesias?  My husband has had Parkinson's for almost 13 years but recently his mobility has got worse and he is very' wriggly' and on the move all of the time. We are all fine with this at home and with people who know him, but when we go out recently it is becoming really very uncomfortable.  People are staring and assuming he is drunk - which is so unfair when he has just ordered his first half of lager of the day!  I know you will all say ignore it but it is so uncomfortable and I want to stand up and scream 'He Has Parkinson's' but that would just make it worse.  To make things even more complicated - my husband does not realise he is wriggling about and that people cannot understand what he is saying - he blames me for not being able to hear him and says I am imagining the wriggling.  To other Parkinson's people out there - please do not be angry with me.  I am just saying it as it is and I AM sympathetic - but sometimes it is hard for those of us who care.



just an idea, but instead of standing up and screaming he has Parkinson's maybe letting people know may help - aren't there little cards from PUK that say "I have PD and need a little more time" or something similar? or you could just say it to those nearby in a matter of fact way....and then get on with your meal/drink and leave them to ponder their behaviour instead!

I know that some parents of children on the autistic spectrum say to people around something like "X has autism so this is a little tricky for him" when in a supermarket queue


Hi Libra Lady

There are some badges and wrist bands that can be worn which says 'I have Parkinsons' on them. I'm sure if you contact the parkinsons shop they can help you in some way.  I belong to a parkinsons group locally and we managed to come by some from somewhere, but I'm not sure where, perhaps the team know where to get them from, or anyone else for that matter?

All the best Sheffy



 there is key fobs.wrist bands and badges with '' please give me time  i have parkinsons'' on them available from the PD shop  http://shop.parkinsons.org.uk/product/i-have-parkinsons-please-give-me-time-badge

Myself i avoid going out socially for a meal for same reasons of chasing/throwing food about a plate, My main encounters are at supermarkets in which case i just tell um and they just say ''oh your young too have that''.