Going shopping when you have Parkinson's

Hi everyone,

People have told us in the past that the thought of shopping fills them with dread because of their Parkinson's symptoms and the way retailers react.

Do you think staff in supermarkets, shops and restaurants know enough about Parkinson's? Have you encountered any problems when shopping due to lack of awareness?

We'd love to hear about your experiences. You can leave your comments on here, call our media team on 020 7963 9370 or email [email protected]



Being accused of being drunk is probably the worst thing I have experienced. That was by a fellow customer waiting behind me in the queue. The cashier was very supportive though.

I now wear my Parkinson's badge when I'm out and about so people can be made aware. Only last week when I was at the checkout in the supermarket the cashier noticed my badge and offered to pack all my bags for me. In the end we did them together and she followed my lead in regards to speed, she never once tried to hurry me along . I was very touched by her thoughtfulness.

There is still a major lack of awareness though, I'm as proactive as possible and talk about PD all the time. We need to educate!


I am built like proverbial brick house,

but since i have been ill i have found tasks like shopping very difficult, it feels like i have done a 10 hr day when i have done a 20 min jaunt around a super market hanging onto a trolley,trying too remember what i actually want too buy??, lifting the items into and out of a trolley and then packing the shopping into some sort of order in which its not all squashed.

''need a hand packing?''... no i am trying too be independent.

I  struggle too open those plastic bag's with my wobbly claw.

the checkout girl has beeped everything threw before i have filled the first bag, sorry about that i say too her and the que looking on and if there's any change they invariably hand it back too me so i am fiddling too put it back in my wallet with a tremor.

negotiating the traffic outside i follow behind anyone crossing the path of vehicles, i'm not built for speed anymore lol.



Yep being accused of being drunk at " this time of day ".  I'm t total since 1978 

Trying to open bags , being told to get on with it when fumbling chainge shuffling along and trying to pack bags ,

some people can be really nasty n rude , I just smile n say I'm going as fast as I can but it's still hurtful ,

got to get myself a Parkinson's badge , or a big sticker on my forehead   Lol

Shopping for me i would imagine be a nightmare lol maybe not the small shop occasionally but the big shop, especially with all the elderley folk, plus the mother & 3 kids shopping trolleys rampaging  thru , hehe no offence but they seem to "OWN"  the aisles  lol ive got enough bruises and scars on my legs back from my ole football days, dont want no more, and as my parkinsons and me get older, almost 22 years since i was diagnosed my patience is evaporating, so best i stay put and order online !!


                                                                               thanks take care & be safe

                                                                               welshbearuk aka Hugh