Hi fellow parkies golfers. I have PD over 10 years & at first had a H/c of 11 & am now approaching 28. I am not a H/C snob but as an ex county champ(net) I feel a little bit humiliated! The last few months I have played rubbish, so bad as to consider taking up 10 pin bowling which I still can geta decent score & giving up golf. Any golfers out there to give me some encouragement. I really would like to hear your stories as I still want to play. Cheers Chris
Hi Christopher

Then play! With our disease priorities change: Golf isn't about what handicap you have (or had in the past), its about preventing handicap in you; it helps to maintain mobility, movement, coordination, fitness etc etc. Things far more important then your scorecard.

dr jonny
Hi Chris

Don't give up its one of best forms of exercise we can do for PD. Don't forget its also a social game, we i play badly i remind myself of that and try not to beat myself up. As our PD progresses we may need to adapt our swing, so time with a Pro may help.

thanks guys.Yes I'll play on but you feel such a plonker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give up? never!

I'm having my clubs in the box with me!! There has to be a great golf course where we are going. They cannot send us to Hell because we had enough of that on Earth.

Where do you guys play. I'm at Maidenhead GC and play of 16 which is only 4 worse than my best.

I accept private messages if anyone fancies a game.
Hi,I have been diagnosed 8 years and only playing golf 5 years,ie still learning! Play on average three times a week.have only Had encouragement to get handicap down,currently 26, will keep playing even though I seem to shuffle more and get sore feet when following my electric trolley,any ideas to help with this would be appreciated .i also find it helps my general mobility etc thanks

Hi Chris

I've played off and on for 30 years and the best I got down to was 13.  I rejoined my local club when I 'retired' from work after 6 years of PD and now play an average of twice a week.

My physio has confirmed Golf is pretty much perfect for PwP.  The walking, bending, rotation all keeps us active and by combining our hands in the grip we keep our co-ordination for a little longer.

Regards to Handicap, I play off 16 and am referred to as BwP (Bandit with Parkinsons).  It's even been suggested I take a drugs test for the dope I take during the round (Madopar every 6 holes).  Without it I am done in by the 10th.

My best round ever in 30 years was a month ago when I hit a 79 (9 over).  I was feeling very shaky and weak but gave it a go.  After the round I asked the pro why when I could barely grip the club and only swing at half speed was my round so good.  He said that's what I should have been doing all along.  To prove it, my next round I was feeling great, hit it hard and scored 101.  

Maybe you're still trying to hit the ball like you used to?  Since rejoining I've won a pairs comp with me scoring on 8 holes, and won two eclectic comps with best scores over several rounds.

Get out and enjoy what makes a good walk worthwhile.



Kendo please tell us the name of the course you play. Are you self medicating or have you been told to take extra's for your round. I play at 8am having taken Pramipexole and Stalevo. My next Stalevo is due at 12 o'clock but I have started to bring it forward to 10:30/11 and this has helped enormously.

I get the same remarks from my playing partners!


I was diagnosed last year. My golf suffered badly and helped me get the diagnosis. I then took 3-4 months off to get used to the medication. Initially after some time I was back to normal…82-85 and feeling ok but recently have struggled to hit a ball!

I have tinkered with dosages and timings of medication and am getting incredibly frustrated. I am a English dude living in Singapore.

Feel free to keep in touch and pass on any tips to improve my current shocking golf

Do not give in, my handicap is slowly increasing now 32, but golf is for the company and the fresh air even playing in -3c can be fun trying to guess how high the ball will bounce