Golfers with PD


Hi All,

I am new to the Forum, but I was wondering if there is a golf society within the Parkinsons group and if so what is it all about. I am a keen golfer and a member of of a great club but it would be good to connect with other people with PD and get some ideas on how to cope with playing golf with PD.

I would welcome any feedback from others in the Forum


My husband was always a keen golfer and still plays using a buggy.

Bit of a nuisance when the weather is or has been wet as the buggies can't go out.

Sorry I can't be more use but I was born without the sport gene!

Good Golfing!



I have just searched the forum for the subject of Golf with PD and unfortunately there seems to be no activity on the subject for quite a while. I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago and will try to continue with my golf for as long as i can .

Ideally i would love to reopen debate with other golfers , share there stories , support each other and who knows ,subject to geography etc maybe meet up for a game .

I am not completely forum savvy , so i may have posted this up in the wrong place but if anybody reads this and can suggest putting it somewhere more suitable or even open a golfers group page so we can all read and contribute in a dedicated area of the forum