Good Afternoon

Hi everyone-Kevin Shaker back again.Sorry,I have not been in contact recently,but have had a few domestic problems recently.So-up to date;

I am now 60-I have retired from work,due to the Parkinsons.I work for he local job center for 19 years.B4 that,I worked for Rolls Royce for 24 years.I was diagnosed with PD in May 199,the same year,that I lost my parents.In addition,I also,have a pacemaker fitted-one of the nodes on my outer ventrical has stopped working.So-Double Bubble.

The attitude has to be-Keep the Faith.Posotive Mental Attitude.There is a cure.You have to believe.We all have each other.Never forget-You are not alone.
hear hear welcome back
Welcome back here.
welcome back,its great to see you with us again.nice also to hear a positve attitude as well from you,as you may notice the forum seems to have settled down and become a forum we all wonted.a place to come and chat,welcome new members and feel relaxed when we log off.i hope to see more of you around hornets forever x:smile:
Hello Hornets Forever, There is a group of Aviation Fans of the same name you
wouldn't happen to ,,,No take no notice, its just wishful thinking, welcome I
am newish to the forum but love it here I feel part of the gang already and there
can be no better place to be if you want to get something said and have a good old rant and rave, though its a while since I have done either, I am 62 but remain
22 in my head, sometimes I behave like a 12yr old and receive a good thrashing
from beloved for my trouble, I get a discount, well family you see, I have some good pics of Hornets if you want I can send, you can contact me with your E if you so wish.
Kindest Regards Fedex:sunglasses: