Good day to all

I am a 74-year old married male, retired since 1995 and an avid golfer.
Diagnosed and confirmed having early onset pd in 2006 (my GP was spot-on with diagnosis, and my neuro consultant was excellent).
I started with a dopamine agonist and slowly reached a good compromise between side effects and tremors. Last year my consultant recommended adding a MAO-B inhibitor to my diet of pills. I also get good advice on medication from the local PD Specialist Nurse.
I feel I have been very fortunate so far - there are so many pd sufferers who are far worse off. My golf suffers a bit, but I don't take myself too seriously, and I have great understanding and support from my wife of 52 years.
Good luck to you all.
Good day to you Haltonapp & welcome to the forum

You sound like you have a supportive situation and a good attitude. I hope you find this forum and its wide array of inmates as helpful as I have done.

:grin:Thank you for the kindly welcome, O Elegant Fowl. My kind regards to Pussy Cat. Regards from haltonapp.
lol, the pu$$y cat says hello too.
Hi sunray says hello too.You sound as if you are doing really well How wonderful!