Good days/bad days

Hi to all hope you are all well can anyone tell me if at the beginning of Parkinson's you can have food and bad day's ie (no tremors)some days are worse than others.I have said before my backwards balance is not good that never seems to get better also I am going for a datscan any info on that would be great.I am going for that in the next 2 month's is that a 100% method thank you and take care sorry to go on my age is 44 I noticed last year when training for marathon my arm was not swinging to good then noticed tremors, balance my speech I do not run this year but cycle I feel better on bike I do feel I have good movement a little stiff should I still go cycling thanks again
I definitely had a big variation when first diagnosed. It has settled a bit now but I still have good and bad days. I used to try and work out what caused it but I've given up and just accept it now. My Dad is the same; some days he is quite sprightly despite being 90 with PD; manouvres in and out of my car, chats to strangers in the pub etc and other days really struggles with stiffness and general wellbeing.
So I think its normal! People say they are affected by stress, heat, infections, tiredness etc too. I think looking after yourself generally with good food, sleep, exercise helps maximise the good days (as it would even if you didnt have PD!) Good excuse to have a lie in sometimes and eat lots of strawberries anyway!:grin:
PS re cycling...the exercise will do you good as long as you are safe balance wise etc. Round a park might be better than in traffic if you've any doubt about your balance, reactions etc.
I find if I exercise alternate days it's better than every day but I can't always be that organised and just do what I can when I can. Getting really tired doesn't seem to be good for me these days; I don't recover and get stronger like I used to; however that might be old age; I'm 15 years older than you!!! Can't blame everything on Mr Parkie!!
Hi, ferox --

I also have some good, some worse days, especially regarding tremor. It disappears for days, then suddenly returns. In the warm weather of summer I have it much less often than in chilling weather.

At least one study showed cycling as one of the very best forms of exercise for pwp. For me it is less effective than an elliptical, but apparently I'm an exception to the rule there. The main thing, though, is to keep active in some way that you will be sure to include frequently in your schedule.

Best wishes!