Good evening everyone

Good evening everyone I am new to the PD forum but not new to PD. I am male (74 nearly 75  yrs of age  NOT  yrs old).    Wrongly diagnosed  in 2013  with "frontal  temporal lobe dementia " it took utill 16/10/2014 for my Neurologist to put on paper.     "Mr.++++++  does not  have Dementia he has P D". This was  not unexpected to me, as the  symptoms had been there for some years ,but unknown to myself.

As the Butler in a Scotish Castle I was responsible for pouring the wine at social events. 2 year s before my retirement (aged 65) I asked my employer if he/she would pour the wine as I sometimes though I may spill (,or drop) the  bottle.     

My writing (for which I had won praise) was turning into scribble.

2 years after retirement I had an  aortortic valve replacement.     That was when the dreams and nightmares started.



But now I am here with you. My life is on the "up".  I believe not only do I have PD  on hold .       I have it in regretion !!!!!! How have I got this far?      Well like  many other suffer with insomnia so will come back later.


Hi Dick Dastardly - welcome to the forum. Fancy having a butler on here, very posh , will have to put you in touch with our 'Lord of the Highlands' on the 'Chatting on the forum' posts, he'll enjoy talking to you!

I'm interested in knowing which castle are you at working as butler, is it THE famous castle??



Hello Dick Dastardly just re-read your post and noticed you are now retired, bet your job a butler was an eye opener! Anyway our Lord of the Higlands is'nt a real lord but he'll chat with you all the same! What castle did you work at just out of curiosity??


Cairnbulg .   

Hello and welcome Dick Dasterdly

we all have a variety of symptoms but on here we can say how we feel, laugh, moan and generally share thoughts with friends. We're a friendly caring bunch so welcome! 


Thank you for your welcome. My initial problems are now passed. I will need to find the correct place to put my positive attitude to life. As said i have PD "on the run". 

Hello there Dick Dastardly.  Hope you are having a pleasant and comfortable weekend.