Good experiences of employment with PD

I am working with PD and to be honest things have not gone too well! I believe that I have not been used to my full capacity and hence been moved to a job that I have no passion or interest in - but at least I am employed.
I am now working with my employer to improve treatment of disabled employees, ironic, but after a year of trying to help my situation with unions, solicitors etc I thought it would be better to try and improve from the inside. We will see.
Is there anyone out there who would like to share good examples of how their employer works with them to get the best out of them as employees? Ie regular meetings, change in working patterns, etc? Anything that you would do differently or advise me on what I can try and do with my employer?
Much appreciated.

Hi @forest,

What you’re doing to improve employment for people with disabilities is commendable and will undoubtedly help people like yourself in the future. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist you with this.

Best wishes,

Yes I would like some help, how can I contact you?