Goodbye friends

Sorry to tell you that my wife passed away on the 22nd July after being in hospital since she was taken ill on our 66th wedding anniversary on the 12th.
The hospital staff were wonderful and even took care of me when I stayed overnight.
So, while I looked at the forum regularly - in the hope that I might learn about something that would make life easier for my Minnie, I guess I won't need to do so any more.
I am finding the loneliness hard to take - after my life revolving around visiting her almost every day since she moved into a nursing home late November.
Have great support from our son and daughter but the silence in the evening is scary.
So, goodbye friends for just now
Bless you all.
My condolences, Jackmin. So sorry to hear of your loss. After so many years of marriage it is bound to take a while to adjust to the silence of living alone.

Though I am the one with Parkinson's, my husband passed away first (last year). Thus, I know something of what you are suffering now. The pain does lighten a little after a time, but of course we know we'll always miss our partners. As you note, other family members can help us recover.

My best wishes for your health and peace of mind.
thanks J of Grey Cottage for your kind thoughts.
I wish you well and will remember you in my prayers.
Dear Jackmin

My deepest condolences to you. Try to remember the happy times.

God Bless you Jackmin. Our thoughts are with you in your loss. I know it sounds corny, but time really is a great healer. Always remember that you have a lot of friends on the forum who will always welcome a chat when the going gets tough. Best wishes to you
Best wishes to you Jackmin
So sorry Jackmin.

I read your posts about your wife and the difficult decisions you had to make about ensuring she was cared for. The love you had for her was evident in every word you wrote.

I wish you well and hope life is not too lonely for you. Glad to hear you have family to support you.

I hope I have the long and happy marriage that you had. (22 years so far)

Thinking of you


Good morning sir,there are no words of consolation of mine that can ease your pain only the passing of the years can blanket your sadness,I lost my father nearly two years ago , he had been very ill for the last 10 years so it was a blessed relief very sad yes but he was released to return to the vastness of the heavens the very elements that surround us is now my fathers home his freedom assured for eternity,Imagine in a instant flowing through the vastness of the universe absorbing all the knowledge contained therein, reaching the edge of the
Milky Way our own spiral Galaxy and making the leap to , well anywhere It is my fondest wish that my father entered this realm for you see he was a miner,he worked in the blackness for 50 yrs starting at 14 and ending at 64, he was blind his lungs were almost one solid masse he suffered yes, but now the greatest joy
has been granted to him , he always loved Nature and was deeply concerned about all things wild and free now he is part of that very Nature he so admired and respected, I ease my own pain and sense of loss in this way, I hope I have softened the blow to your own heart and those of your loved ones.
Remember there are many kind concerned souls on this forum who will think of you
we will always be here should you wish to share the deep sadness that you now feel To you Sir the Kindest Regards and may Happiness again return
to your heart Fedex
Dear Jackmin

Sincere condolences , words are always inadequate but I wish you peace at this very sad time and, with the support of your loving family, that the pain will lessen over time and you will always have wonderful memories of your life together.

With all best wishes

Dear Jackmin,

I hope you still see these condolence wishes as I'm late replying having been away. I'm very sorry for the loss of your beloved Minnie, your love and care for her was inspirational and moving in all your postings. I hope you find peace for yourself over time now that her struggle is over. Do take care. Best wishes, Nici xx
bless you J