Got My Bike

I mentioned in the thread about losing my licence I was thinking of getting an electric bike.
Well I ordered it last Wednesday night and it arrived last Friday morning. added a rack, speedo, bell and most importantly a cycling helmet last weekend and been using it for work all week. Does 15mph on battery only and copes with hill on the way home OK
I can use it in assisted mode or just as an ordinary bike as well. It's about 3 miles to work and I can get there almost as quick as driving because I don't get stuck in traffic.
If this link works you can see what it looks like.

thank you dickie blighter. The link does work. We had thought about getting one of these, not for me but for non-pd o/h. The main reason being the cost of servicing & insuring the car.
I like the fact that it looks quite like an ordinary bicycle & can be used as one.
Well done & take care


My days of cycling are unfortunately long gone (I'd be happy to be able to balance properly on 2 legs, never mind 2 wheels!), but it looks great and I shall suggest it to others. Do keep us updated on how you get on with it, and any problems which might arise.

Is it secure? e.g. could the battery/motor be taken off easily by some scoundrel? (Perhaps it could be wired up to give any would-be thief an electric shock! Or an alarm fitted?)

Am I right in thinking you don't NEED (i.e. by law) any driving licence, road tax, insurance, MOT, number plate, helmet, lights or bell/horn? Sounds too good to be true!


Take care - the bike easily goes fast enough to break bones!


Morning Ray - you are right, don't need insurance, MOT, licence, helmet not compulsory - could ride it naked if you want:fearful:
It's fairly - battery is locked to the frame and motor is in front hub so I've got a big cable lock to fasten it up with. Not too critical as be used mainly between work and home and stays in the workshop at work and shed at home.
If someone wants to pinch it they will but it's a very low crime are round where I live (Letchworth Garden City.
It is a bit scary to ride at times and I'm going to have to be careful on my bad days as I don't remember how I got home on Tuesday (perhaps they are right about the driving!)


I wish I could say the same for the crime rate here in Hull.....

I know your area well. I grew up in Cheshunt, and lived in Buntingford (on the A10, 9m east of Stevenage) for years, in fact was on the Town Council.

Small world!

Take care.

i was a ken cyclist, commuting 5 miles to work every day for 28 years. but getting more difficult, less co-ordinated since Christmas. then a couple of weeks ago I fell off, not in a danegrous place but made me think that it was ttime to retire the bike. I do miss it though; anyone know if you can ride a bike with pd?:laughing:

hello johnall, & welcome. I'm sorry that you fell from your bike & glad it was not in a dangerous place.
I know for certain that there is one pwp who cycles to & from work (unless has given up?) It seems (see Matthew's walk from Lands End to John O'Groats) that just about anything is possible with pd. It just depends upon your state of health & state of mind. Of course there will be limitations, but you will I think, be aware of them yourself
Take care, & best wishes

I beg your pardon - the walk is N to S

I ride a bike, slow than i was but I did 40 mile challenge ride in June.


I'm thinking of getting an electric tricycle so that I don't need to balance the bike but they are a bit expensive. It would stop me being so reliant on other people to give me lifts down to the village. Doeas any one else ride a trike?