Got the diagnosis today


After a summer of scans and tests, I was told today that I have atypical parkinson's - I'm not entirely sure what the implications of this are. I'm being referred to a movement disorder clinic but this will take about four months to happen. In the meantime I've been given Rotigotine patches (and Domperidone to take for five days first).

I thought I was prepared for the diagnosis but it still knocked me for six, and I keep feeling hot and panicky.

Yesterday my partner lost his job so it's a rubbish week so far - and it's only Tuesday.frown


Hi Tabbycat

Welcome here. Things will get better and you'll learn to deal with your condition. You've chosen the best place to start - our forum where you will find others in the same situation. You might consider looking at our video New to Parkinson's. You can find more information at

Others will be along soon to welcome you. 

Best regards



the most important thing after diagnosis is keep your head right, I didnt and ended up in a dark place.

Meet other folks with PD and ask questions

Dont look at one case and think that will be me

Everyone is different in the way it affects you.

Stay positive



PD is more like a Disorder than a Disease. That's not to lessen the impact it will have on your life, more to help you look out for Your symptoms and get the right meds for You Seek to understand exactly what drugs are available and don't just accept what you're given without questions. In the early stages the side effects can have a bigger impact fhan the symptoms you suffer from. Keep active as the saying use it or lose it can easily come true. Rest when you're tired. There are worse things we could have and PD has a reputation for being very demanding and can make other health issues hibernate. I had quite serious ulcerative colitis that has been no problem for 7 years after affecting me for 25 years before. Best wishes on the job hunt for your partner.


Thanks for your support, everyone.

I've suspected it was PD for nearly a year and a half but got fobbed off by doctors who treated me for anxiety (to be fair, I do suffer from anxiety too but I knew it wasn't just that).

The neurologist I saw yesterday said I was very young for PD (which is one of the reasons he thinks it's atypical). I'm 53 and I know many on this forum are in their fifties too so is he wrong? Or is it that this forum is more likely to be used by people under, say, 60?



there's plenty of us in our 40's i'm 45 i first started this at 43 but too be fair i prob really started some time in my 30's.