Got the flu

hi folks,

i won't be posting for a few days as i have caught the flu,luckily i have had the jab so it shouldn't develop into any worse. my heads not with it, (family would say never is) ha ha.

i feel to weak to type, so folks will chat in a few days. got to ring my mum and dad now so they don't visit, wouldn't want them to catch anything.

bye for now goldi......
Hi goldi,
Sorry to hear you are poorly - do hope you feel better soon.
We're booked for our 'flu jabs tomorrow morning. So far we have escaped the 'flu, thank goodness.
Take great care of yourself.

hi bb and sf.

many thanks. speak soon

Goldi ............get yourself tucked under that duvet and get the carebear to mix up a hot toddy for you.
Tell him not to go easy on the whiskey!!!!

Get well soon (silly thing to say, eh?)

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather goldi.

Hope you don't get the full dose after your jab, hope ours works too!

I hope your being well looked after and your feeling better soon!

Take Care!