Gou Teng

Hi Quiest,

I was interested to read your post, about Gou Teng, on the forum.

I went on the maxnature.com web site in order to buy some Gou Teng. I searched for Gou Teng on the site and it came back with 9 different types; can you please tell me which one you bought?

many thanks
Hi Dixie,

I bought the one with the green top and green label, priced at $15.86, item#G0100-EF. The bottle comes with a scoop, one level scoop of granules weighs about 1.5gm. Hope this helps.

Thansk for your fascinating posts .

I bought some Gou teng.. around $30 .... Top has no D0980 on it .....side has GT276 .... also has 999 written on it.... from maxnature .... is this the same as yours ?

Andy - Ojalahey
Hi Andy-O,

I don't think yours is the same as mine. There are many different brands made in Taiwan and China, but if it states on it 5:1 concentrated extract it would be equivalent to what I have. Mine has a green top and G0100 on top and side, what you've bought should work just as well.
Hi,I decided to try this herbal tea about a month ago and obtained sachets which seemed to be a bit more difficult to use.
However,my wife felt that my walking had improved (although I am not yet convinced) so I decided to continue and ordered from Maxnature instant tea granules-mt2323-and decided to try the teapills-3337 mayway-which arrived today.
I had assumed that they would be an alternative and would be dissolved in water but it would appear that they are taken as a dietary supplement at a suggested dose of 8 pills 3 times a day.
Has anyone any information on or experience of using teapills? My initial thoughts were that the dosage was too high and rather than us them as an alternative use them in addition but at say up to 2 or 3 a day.
We are also trying this, that is to say my husband is. I ordererd from maxnature too but ours is a fine powder that comes with a scoop. Tomorrow will only be the second week of taking it so we are not expecting any big results just yet. Will be interested to hear how you get on,
Hi,I have decided to stop taking this herbal tea as I do not think that there is any noticeable improvement in my condition.
However,I must admit to being a bit indisciplined in sticking to a strict schedule of suggested usage.
Also I feel that there is a slow deterioration in my condition which could perhaps be slowed down further by this herbal tea.
If I notice any adverse reaction I will advise as necessary.
Off on a Greek Island cruise soon--if you read about some strange event happening at sea you will know that I should have kept taking the tea!
hello all,
are you taking this supplement alongside regular PK meds?
Hi jjbxl,Yes.

It is possible to know the commercial name of the product? In the website of Maxnature it is not possible to do the search with the "item" and the word GouTeng gives a lot of results! Thank you!