Government grants for solid wall insulation?

Over the passed few years since being registered disabled with PD, we have been recieving government grant forms, phone calls etc for free home insulation for exterior cavity walls and lofts. Now lucky enough i had our loft boarded and insulated before i was diagnosed with Pd while i was working and first bought the house, but ofcourse the cavity wall insulation of which gets drilled and pumped into the walls cavity wouldnt work in our case, since we have solid concrete exterior walls. Recently i have heard a few people saying that this year the government have issued grants for solid wall cladding and render work as part of the uks home funding energy reduction initiative, which was started a couple of years ago with the cavity and loft work which was Free, these newer grants are not totally free but 90% is paid by government funding, which will be a god send for us because we are having major mildew and condensation problems inside our internal outer walls, with decorating work being ruined by black stains constantly. Problem is i cant seem to find who to contact to get more information about the Grants and if what ive heard thru the grapevine so to speak is correct and not mixed up with the previous grants.
So i would be forever grateful if someone, maybe the admin have some contacts that they ask about this,and the companies who carry out the work, im sure there is alot more fellow parkinsonians here that would be interested to, having similar problems !!
thanks very much
Hugh aka Welshbear
Hi welshbearuk,
I wonder if you might be talking about the Warm Front Scheme?

We don't have a great deal of information about it here but if you visit the Direct Gov page for the scheme, you can find more information, eligibility criteria and an application form.

There are also advisers who can help you with your application from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays.

You can visit the site here:

I hope this helps!