GP Referral

I would like to join the local sport centre but price is prohibitive; found form etc to download for NHS funding the other day -but after looking for 2 hours this morning cannot find on PC! (Story of my life). Can anyone point me in the right direction please?:confused:

Have sent you a PDF file with a GP consent form for use of the Gym hope this helps . I sent it via your PM box.
ncn :stuck_out_tongue:

hiya ive joined me sprts center it was done through the gp ,fit for life,just ask about it,i have a one to one ,phiseo with me and reports on progress for 3 months ,and then after that u go when ever u like and the person in the room with others but u do wot u like ,its good for u ,i can also if i wont go in the sauna ,jaccoozi,swimmin baths now,got a flex card ,it costs 5.oo a week ,and u go how many time u like :smile:

hello everyone ,soon as got diagnosed join the health club and found it very helpful for pd symptoms. a little pricey,more than would normally pay but the benefits are worth it. .
exercise and keeping fit are very important in pd and also relieves stress.janine:smile:

Our local PD UK either runs or recommends class for various stages of PD (£5) a session. Maybe your local branch can recommend somewhere cheaper. Also YMCA offered course of cheap rate sessions for people sent by hospital physio. Worth a try.