Grand children

How have members told their grandchildren they have PD

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I’m sure you’ll hear from members of the community with their own personal advice, however, I thought you’d like to know that we have an entire section dedicated to this topic on the Parkinson’s UK website. You can find this information here:

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Hello when PD came into our lives our Grandchildren were between 4 and 6 years old…we didnt tell them to start with but they started to notice Grandad was shaking and sometimes taking tablets when they were around…so they started asking why he was shaking…we got the PUK books and read the books to them…“My Grandad has Parkinsons” …and the tablets helped…once they realised that Grandad was not going to die anytime soon they were happy to accept it…its now a joke that when Grandad starts shaking a lot they say…"Grandad go and take your tablets now…:see_no_evil:
Children are very accepting…

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