Grandad passing away

Hi All,

Obviously no one wants to be part of a group like this but sometimes needs must.

Can anyone please tell me how this all works?

All the best,

Hi im keith 51 yrs young
How it works is
1 You find a topic you like ,
2 Join in
3 have fun
You will be told if you get it wrong and even then you never have to say sorry
This site is to talk to friends you dont even know and may never see
Take care
God bless

Hi Jez - have you any reason why you need to join us on the forum, do you want to talk about something in particular, perhaps in relation with your grandad passing away, did he have parkinsons or do you have parkinsons? The fact that you say ‘no one wants to be part of a group like this, but sometimes needs must’ puzzles me…


Hi @Jezcharles25,

A warm welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum.

I’m sorry to hear that your granddad is passing away, our thoughts are with you and you family during this very difficult time.

The forum is a place where people affected by Parkinson’s can share experiences, exchange views and support one another. Based on the title of your post, I assume you have joined the forum on behalf of your granddad, if so, we have a helpline service that you can contact and speak to one of our trained advisers regarding your current situation. They can offer a lot help and support to you and your family so do give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

Please let me know if you need help with navigating the forum. All the best and I hope you find the forum useful.

Kindest regards,