Well got accepted for wetroom just had to show my finances so done this all i claim is dla high rate mobility & middle care also esa contribution based nad my wife dose 40hrs min wage also we pay are own rent & councill tax so she came back and said it cost £3500.00 ,got councill grant £2091.23  and would need contribution of me for £1408.77 but they manage to get £500 of the people will rent house of bcha leaving me to find £900.00 which we have not got, but if my wife gave up work became my career ,& we claim are councill tax & rent we would be in a better situation .Why is this when you need a wetroom while i am still bit mobile & would take some pressure of my wife from helping me wash but NO you get it when your completely no use helping my wife to wash so it would get to the point when i would need career to help my wife more money whats going on just can not get my head round .Also looked to see if any grants of pduk NONE i would have thought there would have been something ok money for finding better meds ,maybe cure ,research but no funds available to help people when something can be done to help people cope with this illness .Well vented of and that does no good so over to the fitness centre for a sauna,steam room SHOWER IN THERE DISABLED WETROOM razz