Greasy hair and scalp


does any other PD sufferer have this problem? any solutions to offer? thanks


Hi  Bemardine,Try T/GEL a shampoo from Neutrogena.


I find the Redken range of shampoos and conditioners to be excellent - yes, they are expensive, but they do last for ages as a little goes a long way.  And I wash and condition my hair every day! 


Thanks for feedback, i  have tried everything, including your suggestions, with no effect. where to next?



Baby shampoo works for me, but they do vary.


Hi Bemardine

I went into hairdressing on leaving school, after 5 years training  I was a salon owner, After that I was teaching hairdressing levels 1 2 3.

I am not sure if your condition is related to PD or not. As you normaly have greasy hair and scalp when you are going though puberty. Any way try this when you wash your hair don't massage your scalp, use a light conditioner to close your cuticle. Always comb your hair never brush it, as this will make your sebaceous gland produce more sebum (oil) When you dry you hair always use a product so the heat of the dryer doe;s not dry your hair out too much, you still want a little oil there. Use blowdry spray in stead of a moouse. Always use a good product Wella, L'oreal Clairol ect. I hope this helps.


boots own brand sensitive head and shoulder i suffered for years this works trust me