Greetings from a noob

Hi All,

New to the forums today as it happens, my mum has been diagnosed for the past 5 or 6 years and appears to have hit a really large slump, much of this has to do with on going depression as my dad (who was her main carer whilst having his own health problems) passed away two years ago.

It seems to be a vicious cycle in that she is having increased joint and muscle pain and the depression is making it easier for her to give in, I don’t say this lightly, believe me, but I fear she may start to lose the mobility she does have simply by not being motivated to keep at it, I know we all have good and bad days, but the latest batch of bad days have been one after the other and I think she is looking at this and thinking this is it for the duration now.

Any advice on motivation and or help with social care provision in Scotland would be a great help.

Hi TrickyEm,
We wanted to take a moment to say hi and welcome you to the forum. We’re sorry to hear your mother is having a difficult time of late. We’d like to welcome you to call our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303, as the advisers there are an excellent route to finding resources in your area – and they’re wonderful listeners, as well. We also have a website at where you can keep up with research news, browse our store, and check out articles and forum threads easily using the search function. But our best resource is this very community of proud and wonderful PWP, carers, and family, from whom you are sure to hear good tidings soon.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any way we can help, and again – welcome!
Moderation Team

Thanks Jason,

I will be making use (hopefully) of the community’s wealth of experience and associated resources. It makes a difference just to know that you aren’t alone.

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