Greetings from the other side of the channel


I just wanted to introduce myself and state, off the bat, that I've been relatively unscathed, so far, by Parkinson's.

I just turned 50 and realised that I'd been living with this 'interesting' ailment for half my life. The symptoms first appeared when I was finishing grad school. At the time I attributed my difficulty writing and occasional tremors to too much studying and drinking, and just got on with life.

In my late thirties, I had reached a stage where I could barely walk and could not write by hand (contented myself with typing with my left hand.) Through sheer luck, I had enjoyed a fairly successful career by then, as a management consultant, but the tremors when speaking at conferences was getting to be quite embarrassing. The first GP I saw attributed this to too much drinking, so I completely stopped drinking -- with no improvement, even after a year.

By chance, I met a neurologist who diagnosed me instantly (though a little too matter-of-factly) and referred me to the person now looking after me. I am very fortunate because, apart from being one of the world's leading experts in early-onset PD, she's also very supportive of all I do, including a byzantine lifestyle, or my dabbling in alternative treatments. I am particularly fortunate in that my body has responded well to her treatment, as well as my resumption of a parallel career as a would-be rockstar.

If I'm here, it's because my neurologist, who is very active with the France Parkinson charity, has encouraged me to get involved in the community. So far, this involvement has taken the form of a couple of concerts in Paris-area hospitals, but I'm trying to find more ways of being supportive.

There's no question that I've been fortunate in being able to do that to which we all aspire, namely, just getting on with life.

Carpe Diem!

Welcome to the forum Boardwalker

I think it might be interesting for us if you are willing to give a few details about the treatments, alternative and others that you are using.
Thanks for the welcome, Mosie,

To attempt to answer your question, I'm not doing anything radically different, just a lot of different things, in very small doses:

- Modopar, five times a day
- Sifrol, 3 times a day
- Azilect, once
- Paroxetine, once

- Curcumin in food, several times a week
- A lot of uncooked fruit, especially red fruit, on an empty stomach
- Stationary or real bicycle, at least 15 minutes per day
- Walking, at least 3 km a day (especially when I can't bear to)
- As much music, either played or listened to, as I can fit in
- No electronic screens within half-an-hour of going to bed (and that includes bouts of insomnia)
- Gardening (even though I hate it)
- At least 1.5 litres of water per day
- Drink only in moderation, and only in a social setting
- Nothing but uncooked fruit, one or two lunches per week
- Animal protein, no more than one meal per day
- A new challenge, all the time

Of course, Your Mileage Will Vary.