Guitar players

Hi I'm new I've dozen of questions but ill start by asking if there are any musicians on here. I play guitar and still gig but I'm finding it hard to even hold a pick. Secondly my fear of highs is getting worse I'm so scared of getting on a plane and I can't go near High bridges is this anything to do with the disease? I'm not on any medication




I'm not a musician but several do use the forum, sure they'll be along ,perhaps there could be a musicians area formed?? within the forum, i don't have a fear of heights, but at the top of stairs i feel a compulsion that i will fall down them and hold myself back before going down, i also have  regular vivid dreams about falling down them.


I play the guitar badly but have recently found it difficult to hold chords down. Assume PD is the cause?


I started playing guitar for personal enjoyment in 2013 (courtesy of the excellent "Rocksmith" computer programme). Symptoms started later that year/early 2014, diagnosed with PD January 2015.

It affected my right side, so I struggled with fast plucking or strumming. Also got back pain from wearing the guitar.

Now on Sinemet/Azilect combo and the Sinemet especially has made a huge difference. It will be a long time before I can give Eddie Vedder a run for his money, but at least I feel there's a real chance I can actually improve.



Ted from Kansas City here. Yes, Parkinson’s takes a toll on playing guitar, singing, anything involving fine muscle control. Definitely get on either a dopamine agonist (ropinirole, aka requip) or a dopamine supplement (carbidopa/levodopa aka sinimet) or both. Also look into how forgoing sugar/carbs for a high-fat keto diet can help. Ultimately, supposedly surgical deep-brain stimulation is a “holy grail” - but doctors generally don’t want to do that until it becomes absolutely necessary.