Gut bacteria and Parkinson's

I have had stomach discomfort and constipation for many many years now. So when I read this article, it caught my interest. I’ve mentioned my stomach issues to my GP and Neurologist but they seemed less than interested. But now I read this! I’m going to raise the matter with my PD Nurse who is due to visit in the coming week. But I thought I’d post in here too, just to see if anyone has any input or information on the subject …

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I have suffered with IBS for years - it was mentioned to me that IBS could be a precursor to Parkinson’s on an early visit to see a Neurologist. I always notice my PD is worse when my IBS is worse hmmm.

I’ve had H Pylori, treated and eradicated around 10 years ago. I’ve had stomach problems for about 15 years, anything from eggs, salad to raw tomatoes can upset my stomach.

I found this very interesting. Thank you. I’ve had H Pylori which was treated with a course of Antibiotics at the time. I now have Parkinson’s.